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Site Features Web-Gateway to IRC: Full IRC Chatting without a client!

Quick Guide:

  • Wait for the JAVA Applet to load (make sure JAVA is installed on your machine and up-to-date)
  • When the Security Waring pops up, click "YES".
  • When everything is loaded and ready (you will see our Logo in the Wndow below), click on the "Connect" Button
  • When You are connected, enter your Name in the field at the bottom right corner ('Change nick to') and hit "Enter" (now you will see either a confirmation or an Error-Message).
  • Then, in the commandline (where it says 'Enter text here...' enter the command to join a channel of your choice:

    • /join

    • or (and in case you get a message like 'Cannot join channel (+r)' which often happens when there are too many connections) try any other subject like
      /join #romania, /join #bucuresti, /join #brasov, /join #constanta, /join #jocuri, /join #dragoste...

    • and finally: have fun in our chat :)