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  • Pagina de Istorie
    "History Page" (Pagina de Istorie) is a site where you'll essaies about the most important events of Romanian history; maps that present Romanian teritory in different periods of its past; images of the most important buildings (palaces, castles, monasteries, churches, monuments), treasures, etc.; books or fragments of books which have as a subject historical themes (Nicolae Iorga).
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  • Pastor Richard Wurmbrand
    Pastor Richard Wurmbrand suffered 14 years in Communist Romanian prisons. Sabina spent 4 years in Jilava jail as a slave laborer.
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  • Pastor Richard Wurmbrand Biography
    Pastor Richard Wurmbrand,now 89, spent 14 years in Communist Romanian prison 30 feet below the earth being tortured for his faith in God. His books are historical facts of what life was like under communism.
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  • Petru Rares - Promoter of Culture in 16th Century Moldavia
    “A wise, learned man”, as a foreign traveller would describe him, and a versatile politician whose name has been associated to Machiavelli, Petru Rares (1530-1538 and 1541–1546) was Stephen the Great’s illegitimate son, and actually a fishmonger when Moldavian boyards decided to put him on the throne with Polish aid.
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  • Romania
    There presented the Saint Andrew apostle of Daco-Romans, The cradle of Romanians, Romanians widespreading,the Ethnic structure of Romania, The National Costumes, Romanian priorities etc.
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  • Romania World
    Site on Romania's history, culture, etc., very informative
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  • Romanian Army in WWII
    The participation of the Romanian Army in WWII from the begining of Barbarossa to the capitualtion of Germany. There is also the equipment and organisation.
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  • Romanian Literature Museum
    Promoting the Romanian cultural patrimony abroad!Quality web site, rich contect, useful info. Multimedia applications, games, tests, biographies, news, old rare books, archives. the site brings you closer to the romanian civilization.
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  • Romanian trips: time, space, logos...
    The Transylvanian Romanians' long road towards national emancipation (after Robert Williams Seton-Watson), old Transylvanian folk songs, images of celebrated Moldavian monasteries and relevant links...
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  • Romilitaria
    Romanian military uniforms,visor hats,caps,kepis,helmets,emblems and many others militaria thinks from all periods.
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  • Sfant.ro Sfinti romani si Stiinte spirituale
    Iti prezentam pe adevaratii mari romani: Sfintii Romani. Crestinism ortodox si stiinte spirituale. Forum de discutii despre spiritualitate. Sfintii romani din primele secole crestine pana astazi. Viata, faptele si cuvinte de invatatura.
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    Stephen the Great or the “Saint” (he has been canonized in 1992) ruled Moldavia between 1457-1504 and won European renown for his long resistance to the Ottoman Empire. Never before was Moldavia so expanded and so highly respected as it was during Stephen the Great’s rule.
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  • The Aromanians
    This page is intended to be a survey of the Aromanian communities living throughout the Balkan countries.
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  • The Dacians - People of Ancient Times
    Everything about the ancient civilization of the Dacians (society, religion, etc) and their political history (the Dacian state, the wars with the Romans). Articles, links and many pictures.
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  • The history of Europe
    There are presented a set of accurate andupdated maps of Europe during centuries.
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  • The little Vlach Corner
    The Aromanians: history, culture, tradition, current issues.
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  • The Romanian Revolution
    Full coverage of what happened in December 1989. Many Picturs and Video-Clips.
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