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  • fp farmacia
    Tecnico de Farmacia y Parafarmacia, una de las FP con mayor proyección. Conisgue ahora tu título oficial. Entra y descubre cómo.
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  • fp grado superior
    Los Grados Superiores de FP te ayudarán a dar un gran paso como profesional. No dejes pasar la oportunidad de poder hacer FP a distancia!
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  • free data recovery tool
    Provider of zune music player utility to retrieve lost or erased music files and song list from zune media player.
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  • FREE Driving Theory Test Online
    FREE online DSA theory driving test car and bike questions with hazard perception clips. Driving theory test, practical driving test, mock theory test practice, FREE hazard perception, car motorcycle, motorbike theory test.
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  • fundatia actiunea civica
    The “Civic Action” Foundation is developing for more than 6 years training and information programmes for condominium managers, trying to help the organising of the condominium associations. Mihai MEREUTA Director Resources Centre for Condominium Associations “Civic Action” Foundation Address: 5 Bd. Natiunile Unite, bl. 110, ground floor, sector 5, Bucharest, Romania P.O. BOX – OP 49-CP 82 Phones: (40 1) 335 50 25; Fax: (40 1) 335 50 25 – office
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  • Fundatia F.E.G
    Fundatia F.E.G organizeaza cursuri de calificare, recalificare si perfectionare profesionala, cursuri de limbi straine. Solicitantii se pot inscrie, de asemenea, la Scoala postliceala sau la Gradinita de limbi straine din cadrul F.E.G.
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  • Gradinita Pisicel
    Gradinita Pisicel. Gradinita autorizata cu predare in limba engleza, teatru, calculator, modelaj, pictura, lucru manual, matematica si multa voie buna.
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  • graduado en eso
    Descubre que sencillo puede ser obtener tu titulo oficial de Graduado en ESO!
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  • Grupulu Scolar Voievodul Mircea
    Pe site-ul nostru pentru a afla mai multe despre liceul nostru, articole, poze. Pentru elevi exista forum de discutii, horoscop si alte surprize. Va asteptam!
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  • Hobby-AZ.ro
    Hobby-AZ. ro - hobby de la A la Z. Ghid online cu idei, sfaturi pentru hobbyuri cum ar fi tehnica servetelului, prelucrare Fimo, Window Color, bijuterii facute manual, activitati practice copii, fise cifre, litere copii prescolari si scolari.
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  • hseq consulting
    # HSEQ CONSULTING S.R.L. este o firma cu capital integral romanesc, infiintata in anul 2005, cu sediul in Ploiesti, ce are ca obiect principal de activitate formarea profesionala a adultilor prin organizarea de servicii de consultanta in domeniul securitatii, sanatatii si protectiei muncii si cursuri de calificare si formare profesionala, de perfectionare, cursuri postuniversitare si cursuri online.
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  • I.M.R.A. Ltd. - Education Department
    The Education Department of I.M.R.A. Ltd. it's offering a wide range of services for future foreign students interested to study in Romania and also for future Romanian students interested to study abroad: U.K., U.S.A. and Canada.
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  • InfoTex - Romanian Textiles Portal
    This portal intend to be a virtual interface between Romanian textile companies and wholesalers and suppliers around the world. We want to promote Romanian textiles companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises, and help them to find business partners with our on-line offer and message posting systems. All the sections of this portal are free.
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  • Instructii si Regulamente CFR
    Colectie de Legislatii, HG, Reglementări, Instrucţii de serviciu,Ordine de serviciu, Legislatii PM,DSU si SSM din calea ferată
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  • International Correspondence Institute
    ICI organizeaza cursuri prin corespondenta de limbi straine, marketing, managemet, informatica, precum si programe de training in marketing & public relation, management, finante si contabilitate (se descrie atit sistemul romanesc, cat si cel anglo-saxon in detaliu!!!) precum si un program de training in Business Administration ca pregatire pentru MBA.
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  • International English School Romania
    Cursuri de engleza pentru firme pe tot cuprinsul tarii Scoala noastra ofera pachete complete de servicii care constau in: module intensive de invatare a limbii engleze ,servicii de auditare/ certificare a nivelului de cunostinte, manuale de ultima ora, acces la resurse audio-video, totul intr-un sistem flexibil , construit pe baza metodelor interactive europene si adaptata necesitatilor noastre, romanesti.Oferim servicii de calitate in orice oras al tarii, prin reteaua de reprezentanti teritoriali.
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  • International House - Study Abroad -
    International House este o retea de peste 120 de scoli in 40 de tari, avand sediul central la Londra. Reteaua cuprinde peste 120 de scoli in 40 de tari, iar aproximativ 30 dintre acestea sunt specializate in organizarea de cursuri intensive de limbi straine la ele acasa. De exemplu poti studia limba engleza la Londra, spaniola la Barcelona, italiana la Roma etc.
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  • International Romanian Summer Course
    Bridge Language Study House Educational and International Examination Centre from Cluj Napoca offers you the unique opportunity of studying Romanian language with native speaker teachers in traditionally Transylvanian background. Anyone interested in learning Romanian with interactive and communicative methods in pleasant and joyful surroundings is welcomed by qualified and experienced staff to take part in the following summer programmes: Group-Courses: 2006 July 10-29 ( Cluj-Napoca) Enrol and enjoy the Transylvanian experience while learning a foreign language. Our international summer courses offer practical language tuition as well as afternoon and evening activities in the target language. These summer courses are internationally open to anybody wishing to improve their Romanian knowledge in a professional but also flexible and pleasant atmosphere, experiencing the taste of Transylvanian life. Price: 310 EURO (2 weeks / 50 hours of Romanian + activities) Extra week: 110 EURO (24-29 July / 25 hours of Romanian + activities) Prices include the tuition fee, entrance test, final test, course-ending certificate, afternoon activities, social activities and 2 full-day excursions. Course-material will be provided free of charge. One-to-one summer programmes: 2006 June 11 - August 26 We also offer one-to-one intensive Romanian courses all through the summer. Such programmes suit the needs of those language learners who wish to improve their language knowledge greatly in a short period of time. The suitability of materials and the professionalism of the teachers also contribute to an efficient and fast improvement. One module includes 25 hours of study. The duration of the course varies according to the learners' requests between 1 and 4 weeks. Price for a one-to-one course is 170 EURO / module. Accommodation As regards the accommodation, we can help you book the following: a). 'Heltai' Guesthouse (shared room, bed & breakfast) - 10 Euro / night (single room, bed & breakfast) - 13 Euro / night b). Host family (single room, bed & breakfast, dinner) - 10 Euro / night c). Hotel (single room, bed & breakfast) - 27 Euro / night Accommodation booking fee: 20 Euro Deadline for enrolments: 16 June 2006 Late entries: 19-30 JUNE 2006 (with a supplentary charge of 10% on the total course-fee) We hope that you find our International Romanian Language Courses interesting and suitable for your learning needs. Should you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us. BRIDGE LANGUAGE STUDY HOUSE Str.Clinicilor Nr.18 - 400006 Cluj Tel./Fax: 0264-590096/0264-590811 Email: info@blsh.ro Web: www.blsh.ro Kind regards, Gyöngyvér Pillich-Wright Director of Studies, BLSH
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