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Commercial Activities that are not just "Art for the Arts sake" go here. These are galleries, online-shops for Romanian Art, Design Bueros, etc.


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  • Sabin Balasa Official Website
    Official website of Sabin Balasa I dwell in Abyss, painting what my mind sees. For me ART is a vision, an act of generosity, and ability to love.
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  • Satul romanesc
    100 photos about romanian village seen by Maihai Moiceanu, a well known romanian photographer
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  • Saviana Stanescu
    Poet si dramaturg roman contemporan. Premiul UNITER pe 1999. Piese de teatru on-line.
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  • SchlosStudios Art On Line, Romania
    Painting, Sculpture, Bronzes, Life size Dinosaurs, Floating Castles, Talking Art (robots) and Editorial Drawingspictura, sculptura, arta publica, dinosauri in marime naturala, castele plutitoare, arta vorbitoare (roboti) si caricatura
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    Primul lunar virtual dedicat nonfictiunii.
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  • Septimiu Enghis
    Septimiu Enghis is a sculpturor from Sibiu. View some of his work online. Most pieces are for sale.
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    Üzeyir Lokman ÇAYCI He is a poet, a writer, a versatile artist... He was born in 1949 in Bor that is one of the beautiful cities of Turkey. He attended primary and high school there. And then he graduated as an Architect - Designer of Industry from The Fine Arts Academy of State in Istanbul.
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  • Siteul pasionatior de fotografie
    Site-ul pasionatilor de fotografie din Oltenia. Galerii foto, portofolii online, review si prezentari aparatura foto, foto-market, forum.
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  • Solitude Project - a Company for Artistic Attitude
    Solitude Project responds to artists' needs such as: professional training at international level, creative work, access to information and documentation in the dance field, international exchanges, support for the young and very young independent artists and for their projects.
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  • Spiritualitate Romaneasca / Romanian Spirituality
    Aspectul grafic precum si continutul acestei pagini urmareste sa redea simplitatea, lumina si frumusetea specifice spiritualitatii neamului nostru romanesc. O exemplificare a constiintei de neam, a modului de viata, de gandire si simtirea romanului anonim de odinioara.
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  • Stefan Balan
    Poet si critic literar. Editorul revistei on-line Norii. Poezii, critica literara, articole diverse.
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  • Stefan Balan
    Stefan Balan. Poet si critic literar contemporan. Directorul revistei Norii.
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  • STEYsha School of Irish Dance
    School of Irish Dance STEYsha offers Irish dance classes in Bucharest and occasional workshops in Galati, Pitesti, Iasi, Cluj and beyond. Courses for children, adults, beginners and advanced. Students receive training and support throughout STEYsha's permanent Irish dance program, local workshops, international competitions, support in perfecting one's Irish dance as a hobby, or in the prospect of excellence in this style of dance, performances and many other events based on everything related to Ireland in the country. Our instructors are professionals and the best in the country in this field, we have the support of a certified instructor by the Irish Dance Commission from Dublin (www.clrg.ie), Anna TILLAK TCRG.
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  • Suflet Rebel !
    un mic blog ,sper sa fie util si sa ajute cuiva informatia de pe el
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  • Teatrul ca metafora - Teatru Romanesc - Toronto
    In multitudinea culturala si realitatea orasului Toronto, Teatrul ca Metafora si colaboratorii sai doresc sa aduca o contributie modesta, alaturindu-se grupului de artisti, entuziasti romani si canadieni, care ajuta la propagarea si dezvoltarea culturii romanesti.
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  • Teatrul Tineretului Piatra Neamt
    Baza de date cu spectacolele Teatrului Tineretului Piatra Neamt din 1958 pana in 1998, cronici, stiri teatrale din Romania.
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  • The Art of Robin Madden
    Photography and Fine Arts, double exposure photographs, fresco paintings, oil paintings
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  • The Art of Ruxandra Olariu
    Painting Gallery Ceramic Gallery Print Gallery Our world is a labyrinth of images. They surround, inspire and influence us, teach or reflect our inner selves. Sometimes they replace our words. -- Ruxandra Olariu
    (Added: Sun Nov 17 2002 Hits: 433 Rating: 8.27 Votes: 92)   Rate It   Review It  Details
  • The National Museum of Art of Romania
    Romania's leading art museum was founded in 1948 to house the former Royal Collection along with those of various other museums in the country's capital. The aim of the museum is to provide a comprehensive view on Romanian art from the early Middle Ages to the present, in as broad an European context as possible.
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