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  • People's Republic of CHINA

    Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Romania

    Chancery: Bucharest, Şos. Nordului nr. 2, Sector 1
    Phone: (0040-21) 232.88.58 (protocol) (0040-21) 232.17.32 (information)
    Fax. (0040-21) 233.06.84

    Counsellor for Military Affairs: (0040-21) 232.96.71
    Counsellor for Economic Affairs: (0040-21) 232.05.22; 232.96.73
    Fax: (0040-21)232.96.77
    Counsellor for Cultural Affairs: (0040-21)232.96.70
    Working hours: Monday-Friday 8.30-15.00

    Consular Section
    : Şos. Nordului nr. 2, Sector 1
    Phone: (0040-21) 233.41.88
    Fax: ( 0040-21) 233.41.89
    Working hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8.30-12.00

    Ambassador:  H.E. Mr. Xu JIAN

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