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As the most comprehensive web spot on Romania, our site is intended to be a portal to the World Wide Web's Romanian content. We are committed to providing you interesting information and a series of useful services.

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Welcome to our new pages!

Since the beginning of our engagement for Romania on the Internet in 1996, our site has reached a highly respected position on the Internet.
Our sub-site,, originated from the fact that we are often contacted by people asking us about Visa matters, looking for Romanian missions abroad or foreign missions in Bucharest. We want to provide with the following pages a simple and convenient way to easily retrieve the information requested.

We received a lot of appreciation for our sites from official Romanian representative offices worldwide and also from the Romanian Government, esp. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest (especiially before they launched their own website in 2001) - we want to thank all who wrote us for the correspondence we received.

In the last years most Romanian representative offices became reachable by email, some of them even run own web-pages; in case theiy do, the respective information is listed on our pages.

For any addition and corrections of our database, hints, comments and suggestions in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please do NOT contact us with any specific questions about specific Visa & Passport issues or to request any kind of printed matter (brochures, poster, booklets about Romania). We do not provide this kind of information anymore. For such issues, please contact directly the representative offices in your country of residence, your homecountry resp. in Bucharest. Only like this you will obtain 100% reliable and up-to-date information resp. the informational material you need. Thank you for your understanding.

Data last updated 02.2006